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Who Are We?

"We want to normalize sustainable jewelry and art. We want to put our art into the world, and help other creators do the same."

Elizabeth (left) and Sarah (right), Co-Founders of Liz Ann Jewelry and Collections

Learn about the style and inspiration behind our four artists.

Elizabeth - Ocean Inspired Works

Elizabeth creates with any beach-lover in mind. As co-founder of LAJ, Elizabeth creates resin art and all wire-wrapped jewelry. With a passion for the beach, she tries to emulate the waves of the ocean and other patterns in nature in her work. She discovered the art of wire wrapping in 2020 and enjoys creating pendants, earrings, and other intricate pieces using her own original designs. Sustainability is important to her, so Elizabeth tries to up-cycle and repurpose household items and create functional pieces that are both attractive and useful.


Sarah - Trendy Bead Jewelry

LAJ’s other co-founder and creator of beadwork for men's and women’s jewelry is Sarah. Sarah enjoys studying trends and creating fun and colorful pieces that are popular in current fashion. She particularly likes working with recycled beads and repurposing old jewelry that she buys second-hand. Sustainability in fashion and jewelry is important to her work as well. Sarah enjoys making these pieces with her mother, Elizabeth.


Valentin - Bohemian Theme

Valentin is the artist behind the Valentin Boho Collection. Valentin creates distinctive handcrafted metal art by using silver, gold, bronze, and copper-toned brass. He uses these metals to design unique and original patterns inspired by life and nature. Valentin applies the latest etching techniques to create a palette of shapes and textures in his work, which often have an ethnic or worldly flair about them.


Papa Rocks - New England Inspired

Papa Rocks are original pieces of jewelry created by a grandfather from the Greater Boston area. During the peak of quarantine, Papa and his grandchildren went to the beach and picked their favorite beach rocks. They then went home and made them into jewelry together. Each necklace is an original stone from a beach in the New England area and is a positive outcome derived from the worst of the pandemic. Find a necklace from a beach you love, and wear it with pride!

Let’s Work Together

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